Software Product Measurement for Supplier Evaluation

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Create DateJanuary 23, 2018
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The quality of the services Batelco offers to its customers is more and more related to the quality of the software products and systems acquired. Real time services like IP and ecommerce will now be totally software dependant, real-time with a 7days 24hours-availability objective. We realize that software acquisitions in this area have to be of the highest quality. IP or ecommerce services that fail in operations and in the hands of customers will mean dissatisfaction, revenue loss and potentially lost market share.

To minimize the acquisition risks, the IP billing project is considering the introduction of a software product assessment process and associated tools to obtain maximum insights on the software quality characteristics during the selection process. This new direction requires the usage of sophisticated source code analysis tools where key software measures are extracted from the candidate software and are readily available for interpretation. As a first step the product assessment will aim principally in assessing the as much as possible of the software product quality characteristics as defined by the ISO-9126 standard.

This paper first presents the Software Acquisition Life Cycle where intended software product assessment activities are to take place. Second we describe the software assessment process then provide a mapping to ISO9126 of the pilot measures and describe how they can be used to assess a supplier software.


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I am full professor of Software Engineering at the University of Québec in Montréal, in its Software Engineering faculty. I have more than 30 years of Helthcare, Finance/Banking and Telecommunications IT industry experience, especially in Cloud Computing, Big Data, software acquisition, contracts, software quality assurance and business process management. I am more comfortable with open source, practical applications and technology transfer to industry.
Currently I concentrate on research projects. In the past I was the recipient of the ISO award for higher education in standardization in 2011, as well as the chair of the Software Engineering gratuate program and of the Software Engineering departement. I also published Software Engineering Books: Software Maintenance Improvement and Software Quality Assurance.